Frequently Asked Questions :

Is "Putu Radar" your real name ?   -  Yes, It's my real name

Where are you from and where do you live ?   -  I'm from Indonesia and i live in Bandung, West Java.

How old are you ?   -  I was born on 12 May 1992. So you can estimate how old i am. :)

What is your job?   -  I am an university student.

What major are you taking ?   -  I am majoring in International Relations

Are you really interested in pop culture?   -  Yes, of course...

Which pop cultures do you like?   -  A lot of pop cultures. I like Hollywood, British Invasion, Cool Japan, and K-Pop.

Do you like music? What kind of genre do you like?     I like music very much, my favorite music genre are rock and ballad songs.

Who is your favorite musician?   -  Green Day, Paramore, and Artic Monkeys.

Do you like anime/manga? What is your favorite?   -  Yes... I like Detective Conan, and some others mystery genre. I like sport and school-life genre too, such as Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21, etc.

So, you like korean wave too?   -  Yes, i enjoy listening to k-pop songs and watching k-dramas.

Can i request some anime, manga, korean/japanese songs, or any other products of asian pop culture to be reviewed?   -  Yes, you can. I'll gladly review it.

For any other questions or for some requests you can contact me via twitter @puturadar , or you can email me on puturadar07@yahoo.com . Thanks...

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